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Anti-Aging Skin Care

“Beautiful Skin requires a commitment……Not a miracle.”

−Erno Laszlo

The most important contribution to maintaining healthy and great-looking skin is your daily skin care routine.  Simply Skin Medical Spa can prescribe a customized skin care regimen, accompanied by periodic in-office treatments to help your skin look its best.


 Skin is unique to each individual, and your skin care routine should be ideal for you.  At Simply Skin, we are able to professionally evaluate your skin, address your personal skin concerns, and recommend a skin care routine.  But, only you can perform the necessary contribution of daily skin care.


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Here are the steps to promote and maintain healthy, glowing, and youthful –looking skin:

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Treat
  • Eye care
  • Moisturization and Sun Protection
  • Cleansing

    Cleansing should occur twice daily, morning and evening. The cleanser should be free of soap, dyes, alcohol, and fragrances.  You should use your hands and warm water, rather than a washcloth, then rinse and pat dry.  Avoid hot or cold water to prevent broken or enlarged capillaries.  Don’t strive to remove all of the natural skin oils- some should be left.

  • Toning

    Toning usually consists of applying a mild glycolic or salicylic acid with a gentle cotton wipe to stimulate the remove the mostly outer layer of dead skin cells.    This promotes cell turnover


    And stimulates skin regeneration.  It also allows for better penetration of nutrients and treatment products.  Toners may be used twice daily on oily skin, but may need to be limited to 1 time daily or even 1-2 times weekly in more sensitive skin.

  • Treatment

    Adding nutrients or affective skin products is very tailored to the individual needs or goal of the skin care.  It is the step in which we add antioxidants, to prevent and repair oxidative damage, or Niacin to repair damages DNA/RNA at the cellular level and regenerate skin.  We often recommend non-irritating peptides to stimulate collagen regeneration, and add skin lightening agents for pigmented skin, or gentle agents for Rosacea or sensitive skin.


    Retinol is usually added to all aging skin recommendations for collagen regeneration, plumping of fine lines and wrinkles, reduction of pigmentation, and smoothing of the skin surface.


    These products may be irritating, so we use many medical grade products that provide the benefit without the irritation.

  • Eyes

    The skin around the eye is very thin and very close to the eye.  There are many eye creams that are designed to improve the content of collagen and elastin under the eye, including NIA 24 Eye Repair Complex, Teamine Eye Repair, DCL Peptide Plus EyeCream,  and  DCL Vitamin C Eye complex. These creams rehydrate the gentle area around the eye, as they tighten, reduce dark circles, and improve the sagging skin of the eye lids.

  • Moisturization and Protection

    Moisturizing is a step that allows you to directly give your skin nutrients and allows the skin to form a barrier to the elements and pollutants of daily life.  Even if you have an oily complexion, moisturization may be delivered, oil-free.  It is also a perfect opportunity to apply sun protection.


    Sun Protection is imperative to block both UVA and UVB rays that cause photoaging and skin cancer.  Ideally it is best to use either a chemical sunscreen which contains avobenzone or  a mineral sunscreen that contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, all which block both UVA, and UVB rays.


    Many moisturizers may contain antioxidants, peptides, and sunscreens to allow the use of one product with multiple benefits.  Ideally sun protection should be SPF 30 or higher.  At Simply skin we have Revision MultiProtection Cream SPF 50, Intellishade SPF 45, DCL Ultra Light Hydrator SPF 30, Glytone Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF 40, Avene Ultra Light Hydrator SPF 50, and NIA 24 Mineral SPF 30.


    This routine will help your skin to shed environmental contaminants and dead skin cells, while providing essential nutrients to keep it healthy and elastic.  The result will be healthy-looking skin with dramatically fewer wrinkles over the years.

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