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Did you know that over 95% of women have cellulite? And 100% of women want to get rid of it!


Cellulite affects women differently. It doesn't come in one size or shape or appear in one particular place on the body. There's no simple fix for the dimpling either. When treating cellulite, we evaluate several factors such as the amount of excess fatty tissue, the internal fibrous banding, fluid retention and finally, looseness of skin.


There is no permanent cure for cellulite at this time. If you’ve tried everything to get rid of cellulite you know that creams, wraps and supplements don’t work. Cellulite demands serious treatments and, so do you.


We can improve the appearance of cellulite with collagen building and skin tightening treatments such as BioSlimming Body Wraps, ReFit Treatments, and ReLift Treatments. These options can create tighter arms, legs, thighs, and buttocks which will make you comfortable in shorts again.

  • BioSlimming Body Wraps

    BioSlimming Body Wraps are one of the strongest professional products available shown to dramatically decrease the appearance of fat deposits and cellulite by 67% in less than 4 weeks. BioSlimming  is comprised of essential oils, plant and algae extracts, and caffeine, which work together to reduce the appearance of cellulite and fat deposits.


    The wrap uniquely uses both hot and cold thermo agents to stimulate the draw of fluid into the capillaries and stimulates fat burning, therefore reducing adipose tissue causing the “orange peel” appearance to disappear.


    This is a treatment that is often performed just before vacation or a special event, and a series of treatments will further enhance the benefit. 98% of women saw dramatic improvement of “orange peel” skin with a reduction of cellulite in just two weeks. 100% of women observed a decrease of 1 to 4 cm around their waist.

  • ReFit by Viora Reaction

    Many people exercise regularly and are able to maintain body structure, but maintain a certain fat percentage on body areas such as the abs, legs, back, and buttocks. Simply Skin Medical Spa is offering the ReFit treatment, to deliver four modes of radiofrequency (RF) energy to target different tissue depths, and vacuum therapy (to ensure deeper heat penetration) to heat the skin layers. This causes the underlying collagen and elastin fibers to rebuild and reduces the size of fat cells. This results in tighter, smoother skin, and improved appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.


    The ReFit treatment is suitable for all skin types, and offers the most effective non-surgical treatment, without down-time, that is fast, painless, and an affordable solution to cellulite and skin laxity.


    ReFit Indications

    • Loose or lax body skin after weight loss or pregnancy.
    • Reduce fat cell size
    • Cellulite treatment on thighs, buttocks, love handles, tummy , and arms
    • Circumferential reduction
    • Skin-tightening for aging & lax skin on the face and body
    • Skin tightening treatment for appearance of stretch marks
  • ReLift by Viora Reaction

    The ReLift technology also allows the skin’s underlying network of collagen and elastin fibers to be gently heated. This action causes the fibers to shrink, restoring the skin’s elasticity, reducing the visibility of lines and wrinkles, and leaving a tighter, smoother appearance.


    ReLift's double action gravity-defying procedure allows us to improve the saggy skin on the arms, thighs, stomach, and buttocks. The combination of treatments assists us in fulfilling our desire to look younger and improve our physical appearance.

  • ReFit/ReLift Treatment

    • Recommended 6 to 9 sessions of ReFit/ReLift treatments to create your best results.
    • One treatment is 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the areas of treatment.
    • The treatments are best described as a moderately comfortable treatment. Patients can feel the treatment, but do not need to manage the procedure with pain medication.
    • There is no down time and patients can return to their daily routine immediately.
    • After ReFit/ReLift some people experience some bruising and tenderness for up to 2 weeks, depending on the individual.
    • Improvements in tightening and cellulite are seen in the treated area after 4 - 8 sessions with greatest improvements emerging 3 months after the last session.
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