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Varicose & Spider Veins

Varicose and spider veins on the lower legs are unsightly, and inhibit many people from wearing shorts or bathing suits.  In addition to veins on the legs, there are also broken capillaries and abnormal veins on the legs, feet, hands, and face.


At Simply Skin, we offer treatments for all these areas of abnormal veins and choose the best treatment for the area.

  • Varicose and Spider Veins

    Varicose veins are the larger, bulging veins on the legs, and spider veins are the smaller and finer patches of veins.


    The first line of treatment is compression stockings. that collapse the veins and prevent backflow of blood.  If after 3 months of wearing stockings, there is no benefit, then we will further evaluate for additional treatment.


    We begin evaluating veins with a Doppler to assess deep vein function.  This will determine if you are a candidate for injection sclerotherapy or will need to be referred for EVLA (endovenous laser ablation).

  • Injection Sclerotherapy

    Injection sclerotherapy is a simple procedure in which a sclerosing agent, Polidocanol, is injected into the vein causing an irritation, and the vein scars shut. These injections are virtually painless.  The blood is diverted to the other miles of veins in the legs.  It is imperative to follow wearing compression stockings for 2-3 weeks.


    The only restrictions are that we ask that you don’t lift more than 10 pounds, you don’t soak in a hot tub, and you avoid high impact aerobics, all at least for the first week.


     The number of treatments you will need depends on the severity of the veins.  If you are prone to varicose and spider veins, you will likely develop more with time, and additional treatments may be necessary.

  • Veins of the Face and Chest

    Veins of the face and chest are called spider veins or telangiectasias.  These veins are best treated with IPL Photorejuvenation.  The light of this laser targets the red or the hemoglobin in the vein causing heating and the vein collapses.  This may cause a small bruise at the area, and may cause a slight swelling for a day, but these seem to resolve quickly and the veins are gone.  This is a perfect treatment for those people with Rosacea.

  • Laser Vein Ablation

    Laser Vein ablation uses a laser source to target the vein with a beam of energy, causing the vein to collapse and eventually scar shut. This laser is used on the veins of the legs, as it is preferable to use IPL Photorejuvenation on the smaller spider veins.


    The vein must be traced in its entirety with the laser, for complete resolution of the veins, and you must follow with wearing compression stockings for 2-3 weeks.

    The laser vein treatment is tolerable, and following the procedure you are encouraged to walk, but avoid lifting more than 10 pounds, and avoid high impact aerobics for 1-2 weeks.


    Although we offer this treatment, the gold standard of treatment of leg veins is Injection Sclerotherapy, which is also more comfortable and able to affect more veins with fewer injections.

Don’t be afraid to bear those legs, call Simply Skin today to schedule a consultation, and find which is the best treatment to rid your unsightly and embarrassing veins.  Call Simply Skin today at 814-227-2362.

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